Our prestigious & valuable Clients refer us as "Fleet-technology brainboxes". Yes, We are ! Preeminent in Fleet Management, GPS Vehicle Tracking System & a homogeneous Solutionist globally since 2007, headquarted in DUBAI. Proudly, the pioneer in Biometric enabled GPS Tracking Systems through UAE National Identity Card.


All about the operation & movement of Vehicle; Events occured and Hazards faced etc. It can be "Live" (Active) or "Historical" (Passive) Tracking.  more

Report Engine

Assists you to generate 25+ distinguishable Reports related to Tracking & operation of Vehicle. These Reports are customizable & capable to export to different formats (excel, pdf, word etc).   more


Urges you to make intelligent business decisions on Fleets & helps you to measure the impacts in performance.  more

Alerts & Notifications

Real-time Alerts & exception Notifications helps to increase the Security of the Driver & Vehicle as well as to have more control over the daily activities.  more

Routing & Optimization

Assign the most efficient & optimized Route for a Job. Compare the Assigned vs Actual Route to have deep insight to the Predicted vs Measured cost.  more

Mapping & Locations

Customer specific Location (POI) or Area (Geofence) can be added & marked. These Locations could be Customer places or other important Landmarks.  more

Logs, Backups & Services

The User Auditing & monitoring is available to ensure the integrity of the data. Live Application Server will supply data upto 6 months. The Web Services available with V Zone Track helps the Users to integrate with 3rd party Apps.  more

KPI Dashboard

Assists the CEOs, VPs and other top executives to monitor important metrics, KPIs and trends in their business from a bird’s-eye view, and to drill down into the more granular details, with the Live Tracking data presentation & BI Reporting.  more

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