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Do You Know?
The Current Position of All
Your Vehicles?
The Areas Through Which They Travelled?
Where They Stopped and for How long?

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Aircraft Tracking
V Zone Track offers a comprehensive range of aviation solutions to keep pilots and passengers in constant global communication, using industry standard technology such as Automated Flight Following. If you are looking for  flight tracking and two way communication, we are sure to have the right kit to meet all your communication. No matter where you are flying in the world, you'll be always get connected globally.

The need to operate safely, efficiently and cost-effectively becomes more essential each day in the commercial aviation industry. Operators must find ways to meet aircraft communication regulations at the most affordable cost to stay competitive. V Zone Track offers comprehensive solutions that can save commercial airline operators time and money, all the way increasing safety and performance level.
Special Features:
  • Advanced automatic Flight Tracking.
  • Quick position description.
  • Comprehensive voice system.
  • Minimum en route altitude description.
  • Automatic take-off and landing notifications.
  • Altitude adjusted position description.
  • Weather notification.
  • Route diversion notification.
  • Maintenance notification.
  • Receive event notification for emergency, take-off, landing, minimum en route altitude, quick position, mayday alerts, inactive units and more.
  • Create FAA type flight plans.
News Update
12 December, 2010
V Zone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.
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