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Tracking Vehicle Location

Excess Fuel

High Parts &
Service Cost

Driver Sleep

Product Damage
During Transport

Poor Performing Drivers

Driver Do
Personal Job

High Overtime

Fuel Fraud

Delayed Periodic Services

Parts Warranty Tracking

Delivery Delays

Poor Route

Engine Over Heating

Poor Job

Excess “KM” Travelled

VZone Smart 4G LTE GPS Vehicle Tracker with Artificial Intelligent & IoT mechanism

Our expertise will ensure that we offer savings based on fuel costs. labour costs, vehicle costs, high overtime costs, salik savings. maintenance costs and increased productivity each month.

  • GPS Technology Providers
  • Fleet Management Experts
  • Cost Saving Specialists
  • Theft Control Professionals
Vehicle Tracker with Artificial Intelligent

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Why Professionals Choose VZone Track

Our Industry Experts assure you the Guaranteed ROI in our last 15 years of proven track records experience. The Below Figures Talks about How Much VZone Customers Yearly Save From 100 Vehicles

AED 540,000

Saved Fuel Cost

AED 288,000

Saved Salik Cost

AED 180,000

Saved Maintenance Cost

AED 180,000

Saved Overtime Cost

AED 126,000

Saved Paper Cost

AED 1,080,000

Increased Productivity

The result is Proven by hundreds of our customers, and they enjoy the result, You Could be Next!

How VZone Provides Guaranteed Results?

VZone customers enjoy a World-Class Experience Through Artificial Intelligent & IOT-based VZone AI World’s No. 1 GPS Tracking Platform and they could solve all the operation difficulties in managing Fleet, Delivery, Drivers, Helpers & Sales Staff, etc. using VZone Intelligent Decision-Making Tools.

Our experts will make sure 100% Results Guaranteed

Minimum Saving Per Month


Fuel Cost


Manpower & Vehicle


High Overtime Cost


Salik Saving


Maintenance Cost


Increase Productivity

We are World’s No.1

  • GPS Technology Providers
  • Fleet Management Experts
  • Cost Saving Specialists
  • Theft Control Systems

Our Experts have solved 4000+ common cases like

  • Fuel Theft
  • Time Misuse
  • Vehicle Misuse
  • Side Job
  • Delivery Delays
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Engine Over heat
and many complex fleet management problems, they are savings AED 500,000+ yearly

Real Time Alerts on Web, Mobile, Email & SMS



Device Tamper

Upcoming Maintenance

Seatbelt ON/ OFF

Route Deviation




Driver Identification

Custom Alerts

Delay Start

Our Number do the talking…


Theft Caught

50 Bn+

KM Tracked


Liters of fuel saved


During Violations Detected


Engine Problems Detected


Hours Saved

Drivers Performance and Score Card

  • Hard Acceleration
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Cornering
  • Seat belt
  • Speeding
  • Excessive Speeding
  • Excessive Idling
  • Off Duty Travel


Appreciation leads to great work
  • Authorized provider for the Securepath Service in UAE, part of Dubai Police “Department of Protective Systems”
  • Approved and Recommended by Dubai Police
  • Certified by Telecommunications & Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) in UAE
  • Association with Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) for project regulated by Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in UAE
  • We are the only GPS Vehicle Tracking Provider from GCC among “The 10 most popular GPS Tracking Companies” for the Year 2018 according to the survey by Insights Success

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