Car GPS Tracker

Car GPS Tracker UAE

V Zone International is UAE’S NO 1 CAR GPS tracker used for asset GPS tracking, Vehicle security, and M2M solutions. Our user-friendly mobile and web applications let the users manage their assets (Car, Bike, Truck, Bus, Employees, Pets, Kids, Luggage, and Valuables) from anywhere across the globe.

Customers installing a live car GPS tracker in their car is not only for the rising theft cases but it's not the only reason for adopting this technology. Most notably, having a car GPS tracker in UAE isn't expensive. It is affordable for car tracker UAE for all, whether it's big fleet businesses, small fleet businesses, or personal vehicle owners. V Zone International GPS tracker price starts from 1 AED per day per vehicle which is a mere price to pay if you are the owner of an AED 20000 CAR

Car GPS tracker UAE does not give assurances to personal vehicle owners only; it has also eased fleet managers' pressure. With a GPS tracker's help, fleet managers can track their vehicles and monitor their driver's behaviour like over-speeding, idling time, fuel consumption, etc.

Discover the Top 10 Advantages of Implementing V Zone Track® GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Your Company

  • Reduce misuse of the vehicle by lowering vehicle idle time (Engine ON without movement), over speeding, harsh braking & acceleration habits of the drivers
  • Find the fuel consumption, fuel cost consumed for each trip and during idle time (Engine ON without movement)
  • Pull out onsite employees (laborers) attendance report through V Zone
  • Automate your manual driver logbook, daily employee logbook, and daily trip sheet
  • Complete the job on schedule to avoid overtime
  • Get maintenance reminders when service is coming up or overdue
  • Receive notifications, and alerts when the vehicle reaches the customer point
  • Improve driver accountability and limit fuel loss from unauthorized trips
  • Share your live vehicle tracking with clients via WhatsApp or email to avoid unnecessary calls
  • Avoid heavy traffic & reroute through V Zone Track
  • Trust our sensors to monitor temperatures to ensure the quality and safety of perishable products. Receive notifications, and alerts based on the temperature threshold
  • Be a virtual backseat driver